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Into the jungle

Author: Kristi

Kyle and I went for a walk the other night and I got attacked. I was trying to catch a couple toads that hoped across my path and I was standing in the grassy area getting Kyle to take pictures when I started getting bitten all over my feet. There were a ton of fire ants where I was standing and I guess because I stood there long enough they climbed up my pants. As I was whacking them away with my hands they got all over my hands and arms and were biting me like crazy. I almost had a melt down because I couldn’t get them all off and I was in so much pain! Once I got them all off Kyle and I continued to walk and saw a bunch of fireflies which was amazing! They looked like twinkling stars in a grassy field. Later, we sat on a bridge over the river here and looked at the stars and lightening that was lighting up the sky in the distance. It was quite spectacular. When we got back to the entrance of our place I got Kyle to give me a piggyback ride across the grass so I didn’t get attacked again. It was very kind of him to do that for me.


The next morning, Kyle and I set out to find breakfast, which just turned into a 3 hour hike but it involved so many great things. The trip began with a dog, who followed us from the first town right until the end of the trip. We stopped at a family’s house who was selling something (we had no clue what it was), though once she brought us an example, it was a popsicle-like thing and some kind of frozen juice in a bag. Kyle and I bought one of each; they were GREAT and also cooled us down on our walk. We got to the next part of town parched, so we bought some juice and I got a Pepsi. I love that they hand you the Pepsi in a bag with a straw. Once we were making our way back, still without finding a place for breakfast, we stopped at the river to dip our feet in and cool down. There were a million little minnows nibbling at our toes it was so neat! I stood in the middle of the river just letting the minnows nibble away… some of them were actually quite big, it tickled like crazy!


As we were walking back we asked a couple women sitting outside their house where to get some food, the woman who owned the place asked us to come in and she’d cook us up something! Everything was cooked over a fire stove and we played with the children after dinner. They were adorable and very interested in our digital camera. Oh, there was also a baby kitten there as well! As we went to pay, I gave the woman a 5 Lempiras tip. Her eyes widened when she realized I hadn’t made a mistake in the amount that I handed her, she was shocked that I wanted to tip her! 5 Lempiras is $0.28 Canadian. Breakfast/Lunch cost us under $7 for both of us. It was amazing that we got the chance to see directly where the money was going and it was an experience of a lifetime.