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So It’s Been A Year

Author: Kyle

A year ago today I left Canada hoping to escape my old life and start new. To get away from the constant work of my job and try to build a business I could run from the road. In my mind I know what criteria would make it work and I have a good idea of what it would look like when it is done, but actually getting it going, well that has been another story.

It is true the dollar goes further here, and that really does help, but it is also harder to work with no fixed address. And with debts back home and obligations to others my year of working abroad has been a very difficult and grueling challenge. I have been gone from living a dream to living in a constant challenge waiting or hoping money will arrive so I can pay my bills and then myself.

Certainly this experience has come with its ups and downs. I have been to several countries I have never been to before, I have started learning Spanish and had fun going on long hikes, white water rafting, exercising in ancient military playgrounds and scuba diving. I have eaten more variety of Mexican food then I even thought existed. I have met wonderful people from all over the world and right next door. My girlfriend, Soraya, is showing me a side of Mexico I never would have otherwise seen, I am truly grateful for her.

I have also been to the point of eating just rice and beans for weeks while working 10+ hour days. I have been cast back into the role I tried so hard to get away from. Routine is the order of the day and there often feels like no escape. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, as there always has been, but for now it feels like my hard work, sweat and tears are going to be required to get me out of my shackles back home. I just want something, anything, that would help me build residual income. I suppose many people are looking for that, and few people actually find it. In the meantime I owe, I owe, so its off to work I go.

Arg.  First lost post.  I’ll have to write it again.

5PM Friday: I’ve had it, I need to get away.  I’m done with the week and I’m grateful for a chance to be free for a glimpse at liberty.  The day isn’t quite over yet, but still I make a few calls to make sure my cat is taken care of and that nobody will expect me for dinner.

You know you can only work in front of a computer in the same office doing the same things for so long.  It isn’t natural.  Natural. Yes, get away, go to nature.

5:30PM: I hit the road heading east.  No real plan yet, I get the vague idea that I’ll just stop wherever I land around 9.  I didn’t pack, I didn’t plan.  What was the urgency?  Exhaustion I think, and the vague feeling that it will never end.

Driving though the mountains of British Columbia is somewhat cathartic.  The majesty  of the land and the beauty of the lakes and rivers calms the nerves and reminds you of what you want to be and do.

9:10PM: Check in to the Kelowna International Hostel and talk with a few of the regulars.  I decide I’m hungry and take their suggestion of going to the Doc Willoughby’s Downtown Grill.  The food is good, but the people were great.  I got invited to join a large and eclectic group for a birthday party.  How fun!  It’s a great idea too.  Next time I’m out and I see someone alone, I’m totally going to invite them to join us.

As I was talking with the group I asked them were I should head next, to get away from the city and get a little R&R.  Suggestions included Beaver Lake and Big White.  Now Beaver Lake sounded good, but Big White was having an end-of-season sale.  Cheap stay and out of the way.  Perfect.

At the crack of dawn I am off to Big White.  They can’t check me in for an hour so I have breakfast of a coffee and a bagel.  While I am waiting I start brainstorming ideas for a new blog.  I really like mind-mapping with a normal pen and paper.  Besides eating at places with great views and lounging in the hot tub, that is mostly what I did.  Lots of thinking and brain vomiting.

After a particularly nice chat with some Americans in the hot tub at night I went out to watch the end-of-season fireworks and then headed to the local nightclub/lounge and had a blast.

Because it was the last day they were kicking everybody out early and so rather then stick around much longer I headed home.  A short 5 hour drive later I did some blog reading and made my first post.